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We have helped transform over 150+ women both mentally & physically! We want you to be next in creating your journey to success!

MOM it’s time to make yourself a priority again! What you’ll gain in our program:

  • Daily motivation to stay committed on your journey!
  • Increased energy throughout the day!
  • Decreased stress levels!
  • MORE self esteem & confidence!
  • Healthier eating choices!
  • Workout from the comfort of your own home!
  • Access to Fitness Classes with excited, like-minded women on their transformation journeys!

Hi, My name is LaMonica better known as Coach Moni and I’ve been coaching women for over 2 years now and have helped dozens of women not only lose and gain weight, but enhance their overall mindsets and create a lifestyle that they love.

There’s so much more to fitness and healthy living than working out and eating habits. This is a mental game as well and through my program we’ll focus on shifting your identity, changing your thought pattern and truly growing you into an overall Queen, the one that you are.

After beginning my own fitness journey over 3 years ago, I found myself in a very unhappy place when it came to my physical appearance. 

I was sick and tired of hating the way I looked in clothing, pudge here, thunder thighs there. I cringed at pictures I’d take with friends!

I wasn’t as social as I really wanted to be because I continued to hide behind my insecurities as a woman. 

That’s when I knew it was time for my to change my life once and for all.
No more start and stop, no more quitting on myself, I wanted better and I was going to have it!