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A woman of many dreams and talents. 

 LaMonica Evans hails from St. Louis, MO where she practices commercial real estate working with business owners, franchisees and investors alike. She is also a NESTA certified personal fitness trainer owning her own health & fitness company. Her Brilliance Fitness, is the root of it all. Her business is built on the foundation of helping women of all ages and walks of life begin their own journey into confidence and self improvement.

She’s assisted dozens of women in health education and weight-loss through personal fitness training, digital and physical products. LaMonica’s relentless drive and unwavering passion for impact has taken her overseas & birthed the vision of giving back. She wants to send a message to all kids, teens and adults in the inner city of St. Louis that their destiny is in their control, to never settle for what’s given. Follow your dreams, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



I aspire to be a true living breathing inspiration to young girls and boys who weren’t provided the best life. I want to show them and be a testament that no matter where you hail from or what your circumstances are, you truly determine where you end up. Your attitude really does determine your altitude, and with the right mindset, the world is yours for the taking. I don’t want them to bank on what society tells them they should be or should become. I want them to know that they have autonomy, they can decide what their future looks like.

I grew up in a working class, neighborhood. I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve smiled and laughed with, or knew personally are lost either to the jail system or who have passed on. I didn’t graduate from an illustrious high school, however I did realize really early on that I wanted much more than to settle for a future, but create one that will allow me and my family to live worry-free and enjoy life as it should be enjoyed.