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Why we’re afraid of becoming the person we truly want to be…

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As little girls we grow up with the most detailed idea of who it is we want to become. We know distinctly, how we want to look, what career(s) we want to have, hobbies we want to enjoy, all the way down to our future husbands.

Then life hits us with an ugly left hook and we soon realize our picture perfect fantasy may not necessarily pan out exactly how we had originally planned it.

Even as we enter into our fragile 20’s, we continue to paint the picture of our lives and the goals that we have for ourselves.

“I want to write a book..”

“I want the perfect body..”

“I wanna become a professional salsa dancer…”

We want to do this and that…pursue our talents…become this grand individual of great stature and importance. So why are we so afraid of becoming that person?

Why do we find solitude in mediocrity? Is it because we know that growing pains await us when we push ourselves past our comfort zones?

~ the easy route never rewards you with the glory of the path less traveled ~

We put our trust in other people to get us where we desire to be; we’re afraid of coming up short on our own. The ease of having a 3rd party to blame, relieves us of guilt when things take a turn. We’d rather save face and move on to the next thing that won’t challenge us quite as much.

This is a sure fire way to fail yourself. It’s the easy way out and the easy route never rewards you with the glory of the path less traveled, the one of greatness, the one of persistence, the one of triumph. The path we so desperately want to explore deep down inside but only if we have the option to retreat when things get shaky. We want a smooth ride, with no detours or surprises, no accidents, no blowouts.

We care so much about the opinion of the onlookers, our peers, parents and followers that we sell our talents short. We wait for validation, we wait for the green light. We wait for turn by turn directions to our destiny. Still waiting…waiting for someone to save us from ourselves.

Still aging, time still passing, passion still pumping and draining endlessly while you settle, while you wait to become the person you want to be.

Let me reassure you that who you want to become, is right on the other side of faith. You have to really come to grips with reality and ask yourself? Is this level of comfort really worth my destiny? Is fear really equivalent to the happiness that my dream life will bring? We can’t let fear write our lives for us. I truly believe that fortune favors the bold.

Oprah didn’t become the mogul she is by listening to others. I’m sure Beyonce didn’t allow the opinions of haters to slow her down on her road to success. You owe it to yourself, to your family and the world to become your greatest self. People need to see your light shine. Keep that in mind next time you feel like crawling back into that shell we call the comfort zone. Don’t let the future intimidate you lovely, you deserve it all.

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