Why I’m not allowed to give a sh*t about opinions when I’m losing weight!

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[tg_small_content] So let’s be completely transparent here. Many of us have experienced the backlash from family and even friends when you begin to make noticeable changes to your body like losing weight. You’ve finally gained enough courage and will-power to start changing your lifestyle and health for the better. You’ve built up your tolerance and baby you’re consistent in the gym to the point they recognize you at the front desk when you check in. You’re posting progress updates on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and everywhere else because you’ve worked hard to build that confidence, so why shouldn’t you? You’ve earned those bragging rights! Or no…?[/tg_small_content]

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Girl you’ve gotten so small! Have you been eating, I’m worried about you hun. Just checking in on you. Love the top btw. xoxo


[tg_small_content] Does this sound familiar? This is why I decided to touch on this subjecr. Making a change to your body is not an easy feat to begin with. You’re dealing with a ton of stress and overwhelming self esteem issues most of the time. You just want support and pride from people that you love, however sometimes we get the opposite on our road to improvement.

It sucks, you feel so defeated knowing that all the hard work that you’ve put in to drop a couple of pants sizes, comes with hurtful comments from people you thought would cheer you on for the progress you’ve made. You’re feel like a new person now that you can shop for new clothes in a different size section, showing off a little more skin without feeling self conscious, it’s a moment you’ve been waiting on forever.[/tg_small_content]

[tg_small_content class=”animate”] I’ve had friends that’ve gone through the same thing. [/tg_small_content]

[tg_small_content class=”animate”]Opinions can really tear a person down. It resonates with you throughout the day because working on your body is truly an emotional process as much as it is physical.

My mom told me to stop going to the gym so much because she thought I was getting too small. And I will give some people the benefit of the doubt, only because dropping a substantial amount of weight in a small amount of honestly can be alarming. However, if you’re eating he right amount of recommended food groups, getting enough rest and feeling good then there should be no issues.

In Closing

This is your life, don’t let anyone make you feel inadequate about your journey simply because they don’t not understand. You’re doing this for you not your parents, your friends or social media. As I close, I just want you to know that I’ve been on the receiving end of hurtful (many times unintentionally hurtful) comments when going through my transitional phases, it’s ultimately apart of life. This is why I try as best I can to keep my judgments to myself. I know the sweat, pain and strength that goes into making changes, I however don’t know what other people are going through. If I have nothing positive to say, then I just keep it moving.

But if you are perhaps genuinely concerned for someone’s health, don’t just jump on them about how they appear to you, sit back and think. Don’t condemn. Put yourself in their shoes, be understanding and sincere. I suggest to privately communicate your concern and make sure you include that you’re not trying to offend them and that you see their progress however you may be a little troubled and hope that they are feeling their best. It’s so much better than hearing, “You’re so freaking skinny, Omg!” Trust me. [/tg_small_content]

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