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Rendezvous in France: A remarkable 24 hours in Paris

Paris, Erasmus, Study Abroad

[April 1, 2015] These past few days that I’ve been able to spend in France, they gave me the opportunity to soak in so much awesomeness to the point that it really humbled me to say the least. The beauty of the cities I visited were indescribable. From the architecture to the natural landscape I honestly can’t see how I was able to take it all in!

Paris, Erasmus, Study Abroad, France, Spring Break, 2k15

Now here is where I’ll have to do a bit of horn tooting (Sorry ^__^ but you’ll see my point). I’ve traveled to about 5 different countries thus far so you can probably imagine how many beautifully crafted buildings I’ve managed to see in my time here in Europe, as well as bustling beaches, shopping centers, sexy men & stunning women etc. However everything just had more of a “Je ne sais quois” (So very appropriate) about them in Paris. I was just wholeheartedly attracted to everything I came in contact with while there!

When traveling back to the Tille Airport in Beauvais, it was hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I only spent about 24 hours in the city of Paris. (Can you say tease) But in that small window of time, I managed to visit one of the biggest landmarks in the world (Eiffel Tower) and meet 2 beautiful German girls who talked all 39 flights of the Tower with me. I also ate a classic French lunch, wandered through a small area of town where I met some Belgian tourists who were really cute and funny.

Paris, Erasmus, Spring Break, Europe

But why was Paris so expensive?

Don’t get me wrong, I did fall head over heels for the city. However, what I wasn’t so crazy about was the simple fact that a basic McChicken from Mickey D’s was almost 7 euros which would probably be the equivalent of about $7.30 (approx.) Come on Ronald?! I did spend about $50 on keychains alone as well. Now that I look back on that, I kinda feel like that could have been better spent on clothing or something more worthwhile, but whatever!

Of the 5 countries I’ve visited thus far, I would have to say France more specifically Paris has had the biggest impact on me. They say you never truly know what you’re capable of into you’re taken out of your comfort zone.

I wholeheartedly believe that Paris allowed me to learn what I was truly made of. Surprisingly, I traveled there completely alone which was the first time not having anyone with me (professor, friends, peers, etc.) I had no knowledge of the french language outside of Bonjour and Merci. Even though, I experienced trying moments in the city of Paris, I overcame every feat. I managed to communicate with locals, found my hotel without using a taxi, by simply speaking with passer-bys in the streets. I made friends, figured out the french metro system and took fast-trains to nearby cities. It tested my confidence but I learned that no matter how uncertain things may seem or how intimidating circumstances can be, I will manage some how someway and Paris showed me how solid I am.

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